Have you ever been involved in an argument over how useful or useless the receiver truing tools are? If the answer is yes, go ahead and hit that like and subscribe button. Do it, get on the mailing list. “ Upper receiver lapping is unnecessary ” When the topic of receiver lapping comes up, there are two camps… the believers, and the non-believers.

Should I Lapp My Ar15 Upper Receiver?

Should I Lapp My Ar15 Upper Receiver?Have you ever been involved in an argument over how useful or useless the receiver truing tools are? If the answer is yes, go ahead and hit that like and subscribe button. Do it, get on the mailing list. “ Upper receiver lapping is unnecessary ” When the topic of receiver lapping comes up, there are two camps… the believers, and the non-believers. What can a $15 dollar tool that attaches to a drill do that a $15k CNC machine can’t? I have had that question myself. It is an interesting proposition… does a modern AR15 needs a fool in the garage with a hand tool to enhance the accuracy of the platform past the factory? This has led to many heated discussions online. After purchasing the tool for myself, I came to my own conclusions. My opinion is this: No receiver is assembled in this house without the receiver lapping tools sweet, sweet kiss. Now for my story: Is Lapping Necessary? I purchased a Wheeler Engineering upper receiver lapping tool from Amazon. When I opened the Wheeler Engineering package, I had some concerns. I was kinda sad that the Wheeler tool I opened looked sloppy. I’m talking “It’s Friday afternoon and we clock out in five minutes but we also live in China” sloppy. It had a flex shaft adapter drilled OFF CENTER. It was blued the worst god awful bluing I had ever seen. THIS THING IS GOING TO MAKE MY RIFLE BETTER? I was skeered. I promptly took it to a precision rifle shop and had them check it out on the lathe. Surprisingly enough, the two important surfaces… those which rotate in the receiver and against the receiver face were true. The tool was OK to use as is, but they cleaned it up a bit for me. So why did I buy this thing in the first place? My Larue 12.0 Equipped A2 rifle. Ever since I installed that rail, I noted that the barrel leaned a little closer to one side than the other. This rail sat perfectly straight in my earlier build, so I suspected the A2 receiver was to blame, and not the rail. The A2 also had excessive L windage dialed in. Yet another sign to me that something wasn’t quite right. In spec enough to function sure, but I wasn’t happy about that sloppy aperture being so far off dead center. I wanted it PERFECT . When perfection comes… Off came the rail, on went the lapping tool, and when I re-assembled everything was straight in the rail. Sighting in was even better. I was a few clicks off the center of the wind-age. A few clicks? Two clicks off dead center. DED CENTER. DED. Authors lapped rifles from L to R: Detachable Carry Handle A5 6 clicks left. Carbine, 1 click Right. A2 Rifle, 2 clicks left. All zeroed with M193 Is That All? The A2 rifle shot well, it certainly didn’t need to be lapped. It was reliable, the windage was acceptable, and it was a lot of work to tear it down and rebuild, then re-zero. So is it necessary? More and more, I would argue, that yes it is. The propagation of skinny rails that hug the gas black have made it imperative that the gas block remain centered in the rail. Even a little bit of lean will reduce the clearance of the gas block enough to where it could possibly contact the rail, thereby disrupting barrel harmonics. I think that is a pretty compelling argument in and of itself, but still many (including industry professionals) will say it’s a useless or unnecessary process. “The receiver faces are trued better from the factory on our najita kiwata 24.5 axis warp drive mill than you can ever meet at home with your $20 dollar junk tool and a hand drill, you peon idiot scum!” At least, that’s how I feel about the no lapping ninja’s and their typical response. Very Dismissive. Hurtful. It goes straight to the heart of my human pride it does. Well well well… have I got a link for them… A user had a rail that was crooked… or was it? Source: Midwest Industries @ Note the barbaric receiver lapping tool in the background. The link above is a user at who noted that their rail was “crooked” and in that thread, a Midwest Industries rep (AKA PETE) came by to deliver some top-notch customer service. They took the upper, checked the rail, checked the barrel extension, and finally discovered what I knew all along… the upper receiver face was not true. They used a $25 dollar hand-drilled lapping tool to correct the issue, and magically, the barrel became centered in the rail. I TOLD YOU. WE ALL TOLD YOU. DAMMIT WESLEY! That smug feeling of “I told you so” keeps me warm at night, but let’s dig into it a bit further. Do lapping tools do anything other than center the barrel? (Is that not sweet enough?) Yes. The barrel extension and its interface are an important component to rifle precision. The receiver face must be perfectly flat against the barrel extension flange, and the barrel nut must press upon the receiver extension evenly. Pssst… Word on the street is, you want at least 65 ft lbs of torque. Then you want a receiver that requires a thermal fit to the barrel extension. If this is not possible, fill the void between the barrel extension and receiver with a bedding agent, such as Loctite 680. Does all this seem excessive? Nonsense? It’s not nonsense. Everything matters. Detail is everything. If you want the same thing to happen the same time as last time you need the same things to occur each time, every time, and all the time, just like last time. Got it? A crooked barrel and the unique, off-axis harmonic whip will add a wildcard to your load development. The thermal expansion of the receiver during long strings may allow the barrel extension to slip and shift with each shot since you only torqued that barrel nut to 35 ft-lbs. Your optics might need excessive wind age and you lose half your POI adjustment to the left, while your R windage has double than is necessary. Getting the picture? MICHAEL SCOTT: “NO GOD! NO GOD, PLEASE NO, NO, NO, NOOOOO…” How much do these details matter? I would like to refer you, kind readers, to an article titled “ Secrets of the Houston Warehouse ” and the excellent summary at This article is eye-opening to understanding how the smallest variables affect accuracy. The author had to install a barrel assembly by PULLING the assembly towards himself to make sure the lapping compound would make full contact with the threaded barrel and receiver. To neglect that step would be destructive to the finest pursuit of accuracy. Accuracy is Incremental. In some cases, truing your upper receiver may only help to an un-measurable degree. In other cases, it may make much more of a difference to shooters who can see their barrel is visibly off-center. Almost touching one side of the rail is a clear problem waiting to surface. After reading that, if you don’t understand the relationship between the small details and precision, then God help you. You may not be concerned with that much detail, because your rifle is a self-defense carbine. That’s OK, it’s understandable. If you are an industry professional who can’t let go of the dogma and explore the possibility that yes, there are benefits to receiver lapping, then it’s inexcusable. Now there are some receivers that are likely more quality controlled than other brands, that’s for sure… but Spike’s is a will known, quality brand. Is their six-axis off? I have my suspicions it’s related to the anodizing: Typical standard clear and color anodizing creates an aluminum oxide film in the range of .0002 to .0008 inches, (.005 to .020 mm), on each surface. Hard anodizing is typically in the range of .0005 to .003 inches, (.013 to .076 mm), the most common being .002 inches. (.051 mm). – Could uneven growth of surface anodizing be to blame? If there is an engineer in the house, please tell us what you think in the comments! Wrapping Up: So, should you lap your upper receiver? Do you appreciate centered sights, evenly loaded bolt lugs, consistent barrel harmonics, barrel centered in the rail, and the potential benefit of enhanced precision? Then yes.  If you don’t want those things, then no. Don’t do it. If your rifle zero’s fairly close to dead center then you may not need it at all. You will receive too little benefit to tear down your rifle. All I know is that my rifle improved significantly in centering of the barrel in the rail and centering of the windage to a  near-neutral position. I got rid of the free float rail, and the rifle is still dead nuts to center when I re-zeroed. If you need a tool, Brownells now carries their own in house receiver lapping tool. Check it out here. Till next time, LOTHAEN OUT. 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Tritium vs Fiber Optic Sights – Which Are Better? (ANSWERED) Photo by Predator Tactical / CC BY So why upgrade to tritium or fiber optic sights? Well, when it comes to firearm sights, visibility is key. If you can’t see your sights, you can’t aim your gun, and sometimes, stock sights suck. However, different people have different methods for achieving the same thing. Some people prefer the sights to literally glow in low to no light situations. Others prefer the high visibility of fiber optics. Is either wrong? Well, both tritium and fiber optics accomplish their mission but does one perform better than the other? Let’s explore it a bit today (we’ll start with two representative handgun sights then move onto rifles then, finally, shotguns). Tritium vs "Fiber Optic Sights" Round 1: Fiber Optics for Handguns TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Front and Rear Handgun Sights for Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols, S&W M&P (Including Shield & .22 Models, excluding .22 Compact/C.O.R.E. Models) SD9 and SD40 (excluding VE Models) Price: $41.97 Price as of 08/13/2020 18:25 PDT (more info) Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Fiber Optic sights like these Tru Glo handgun sights are exceptionally well made and perfect for both hunting and competition use. The use of conflicting colors makes the sights exceptionally easy and fast to use. Tru Glo uses a red front sight that is contrasted by the two rear green sights. What this does is ensure the front sight is never confused for the rear sight and makes aligning the sights more instinctual. These sights give you a clear sight picture and are perfect for any shooting done during the day. Be it low light, or right in the middle of a blazing hot afternoon. Their colors ensure they are contrasted to the target and are always easy to use. The Tru Glo sights are some of the more affordable options out there and are made for most popular pistol designs including Smith & Wesson and Glock. TRUGLO FIBER OPTIC SIGHTS Watch this video on YouTube

Best Airsoft Shotguns of 2020 Complete Buyers Guide

Best Airsoft Shotguns of 2020  Complete Buyers Guide

Finding the best airsoft shotguns might be a challenge. But if you have a good idea of how they work and what they’re used for, then you’ll have an easier time finding one. Airsoft shotguns are very fun to use, especially if you’re using one with excellent firing ability and the ability to go the distance. No matter what application it's used for, you’ll have a good time using one so long as you practice proper gun safety. To help you find the best one for your use, we’ve taken the liberty of including a list of seven of the best airsoft shotguns that are currently on the market. Before we get to the list itself, we’ll talk about what the airsoft shotgun is best used for and how you can choose one for your use. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Airsoft Shotguns OUR TOP PICK: UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun Rifle 400 FPS Police BEST BUDGET OPTION: Mossberg Tactical Long Shotgun Kit with 2500 BB's 300 fps Hudson Metal Double Barrel Mad Max Sawed Off Gas Shotgun Evike APS CAM870 MKII Shotgun Comparison of the Best Airsoft Shotguns IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick UTG Multi- "Shot Combat Tactical" Shotgun Airsoft Gun Velocity of 320 fps. Three BBs on every shot. Best overall airsoft shotgun. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews BBTac Airsoft "Pump Action Shotgun" Rifle 400 FPS Police Shoots at 400 fps. Pump action included. Runner-up for best overall airsoft shotgun. "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" Best Budget Option Mossberg "Tactical Long Shotgun" Kit with 2500 BB's 2500 BBs included. Compact pistol included. Best airsoft shotgun for the money. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews 300 fps "Hudson Metal Double" Barrel Mad Max Sawed Off Gas Shotgun Velocity is 420 fps. Gas-powered shotgun. Best double-barrel airsoft shotgun. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Evike APS CAM870 MKII Shotgun Synthetic stock and pump. Best shell ejecting airsoft shotgun. Can fire multiple rounds in one pump. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Mossberg M590 Chainsaw Velocity of 355 fps. It provides faster reloading. Best underbarrel airsoft shotgun. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Evike FABARM STF12 Velocity up to 315 fps. Best Co2 Airsoft Shotgun Removable front and rear sights. View Latest Price Read Customer Reviews What Are The Best Uses For an Airsoft Shotgun? You can probably think of a few uses for an airsoft shotgun. If you’re not too sure, then you’re not alone. Here are just a few of the best uses where an airsoft shotgun is appropriate: Target Shooting If you like shooting off rounds at paper targets or cans and bottles, odds are you’ll probably find an airsoft shotgun a lot more fitting for you. You can use it just to shoot at targets for fun or just a simple tune-up session that will be sharpened up for another application. What else is there to do other than target shooting? Let’s move on. Source Varmint Control Whether you live out in the country or the suburbs, the varmint problem will exist somehow. And when it does, it can wreak havoc on your property. The financial implications may be the last thing you’ll ever want to deal with. If your property, garden, or farm is important to you then you’ll need to protect it without having to resort to chemicals or other solutions that might hurt your property or even your health. Competition Shooting If you like competitions, well there’s good news for you. Even with airsoft guns, you can still compete in shooting competitions where the bullseyes (or the shots closest to it) will count. It’s best to find a shotgun that will give you quick shooting and a good deal of power so you can be able to hit your targets much faster and get a good edge on the competition. How to Choose an Airsoft Shotgun Knowing the characteristics and features of an airsoft shotgun will be key. This will allow you to distinguish between what is considered high-quality from what isn’t. You must invest in something that will last you a long time and will be worth the investment in the long run. Here are some of the characteristics and features that you need to know about: Price As a budget shopper, the price tag is going to matter to you a lot. Especially if you’re on a budget. But the biggest mistake you’ll ever make is investing in something low in quality because of a cheap price tag. To avoid that, find the best possible airsoft shotgun you can afford in terms of quality and performance. Even if it means spending a little more money, it’s much better than spending money on something that can easily break on you in a matter of weeks. High-Quality Materials It’s been said that the better quality of the materials made in these airsoft shotguns, the longer they will last. That is not a statement that we want to challenge, and neither should you. Consider high-quality materials like steel and polymer as your two best materials. They’re tough, impervious to impact and abuse, and make airsoft shotguns even tougher than ever. Your Intended Purpose While a handful of airsoft shotguns can be used for general purposes, some can excel in one purpose. As an example, a high-velocity airsoft shotgun will benefit you in the long run if you use it for hunting varmints. That’s because it can hit the target quickly. On top of that, high-velocity airsoft shotguns are typically more powerful than those that have lesser velocity. Quick Take - The Best Airsoft Shotguns These are our recommendations for the best airsoft shotguns: UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun Rifle 400 FPS Police Mossberg Tactical Long Shotgun Kit with 2500 BB's Review of the "Best Airsoft Shotguns" The following is a list of the seven best airsoft shotguns that are currently on the market. As you go through each one, you’ll need to note down all of the characteristics and features. This way, you’ll be able to find out which one is the closest match to the description of your ideal airsoft shotgun. If you find one that’s close enough, then you may have just found a winner. Now, let’s take a look at the first choice on our list, the “best overall” choice: Best Overall: UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to load. Fast shooting ability. Durable for the most part. Ideal for target shooting and competition shooting. Excellent firing power, even for something that can fire multiple rounds a second. Cons Might be a little weighty if fully loaded. Overall quality might be questionable for some. Pullback may not be the easiest for some users. What Recent Buyers Report A lot of recent buyers were quick to comment on the overall performance of this shotgun. They were happy with the velocity and had been able to quickly knock down targets that were situated from some 10 yards away. One user said his shooting groups were a lot tighter compared to some of the airsoft rifles that he uses for varmint hunting. Why it Stands Out to Us So far, the one major feature that stands out most is the ability to fire three rounds in one shot. Not too many airsoft shotguns will have that ability. Other than that, the pullback ability is nice and smooth, which makes loading the shotgun easier. Plus, jamming issues are few and far between. So that means you get a good deal of reliability out of it. Who Will Use This Most This airsoft shotgun can be useful for anyone who has either never used one before or have used airsoft guns in the past. Either way, it’s a great airsoft shotgun that can be used for target shooting, especially if you’re a newbie. It’s safe to use for almost any age, provided that they can practice proper gun safety. What Could Be Improved and Why One possible thing that would make this shotgun better is to make it out of something more durable. For the moment, it’s made from a plastic-like material. While it is durable for the most part, it may have the potential to break after short-term use. You want this thing to last you a while. Bottom Line If you’re looking for an airsoft shotgun that can pack some impressive shooting ability, then the UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun will probably be the one to look for. It will give you the edge when you’re shooting targets or competing in friendly competition. Runner-up: BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun Rifle 400 FPS Police CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Durable all over. Impressive velocity. Pump action is smooth and easy. Simply accurate from various distances. Added sling makes it more convenient for hands-free carrying. Cons Pump action might be a little stiff at times. Loading the gun might be a little time-consuming. Should be a little more durable than it is. "What Recent Buyers" Report This shotgun was excellent for most users. The smooth-moving pump action makes the shotgun less likely to jam. According to most users, the velocity is quite impressive. Plus, it was good enough for them to use it for animal control on their property. Even better, it doesn’t make a lot of noise. Why it Stands Out to Us Pump-action shotguns are known to be reliable for their fast-loading ability. That alone has transferred into the airsoft version. You can move it back and forth no problem without any jamming issues. The shotgun is made from high-quality plastic that is durable and can take some bumps and impacts. Also, the inclusion of a sling makes it even better when it comes to the comfort and convenience of carrying it around for long periods. Who Will "Use This Most" Expect this to be used by many who are among the target shooting faithful. It might also gain a following among those who want to get rid of some small invasive critters that have had a long reign of terror on a person’s property. And since it doesn’t make too much noise, it can be safe to use in suburban areas. What Could Be Improved and Why One possible improvement would be to make the pump-action consistently smooth rather than stiff after an extended time. Other than that, one other improvement would be to make this shotgun slightly more durable by using stronger materials. This way, it can last you quite a while and still be able to give you protection from impact and abuse. Bottom Line The BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun will work in either a varmint hunting or target shooting situation with a quick shooting ability that is hard to match. If you want something with a little bit of “oomph” that doesn’t make a lot of noise, this shotgun will be just what you need. Best for the Money: Mossberg Tactical Long Shotgun Kit with 2500 BB's CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Excellent for beginner users. Affordable for most budgets. Fires fast, consistent, and hard. Rifle is easy to customize for scopes and optics. Both pistol and shotgun are excellent for paintballing purposes. Cons Pistol range might be limited. Shotgun may malfunction at times. Loading either gun may be a little stubborn. What Recent Buyers Report A lot of recent buyers were very impressed with this package deal. They got all kinds of paintballs and two airsoft guns to work with, a shotgun and a pistol. Most of them were able to have a lot of fun with these. Both guns were reliable and can shoot quite well at various distances. One user even said he uses his shotgun for primary use while using the pistol as a sidearm. Why it Stands Out to Us You have nearly 2500 rounds and two high-quality guns at your disposal. One of them will be used for primary paintballing while the other will work as a sidearm. Both are made from high-quality materials and stand out as two of the best airsoft guns for recreational purposes. This is a paintballer’s dream to get all this at a great price. Who Will Use This Most This will be used by those who are avid paintballers. Especially if you’re a beginner to it, paintballing is the kind of activity that will provide hours of fun for you and your friends. The guns will have their uses in a recreational setting and a target shooting setting if you want to fire at targets or tune-up the guns themselves. What Could Be Improved and Why The canisters that power the guns should be a little bit tighter. This way, it will allow you to not deal with any misfirings or even dry firings. Both of these common incidents may be a detriment to the guns themselves. Bottom Line If you’re looking for a great airsoft package that will be affordable for most budgets, then you’ll love the Mossberg Tactical Long Shotgun Kit. With a lot of rounds and two of the best quality guns you can find, you’d be crazy to pass up the opportunity to give this a closer look. Best Double Barrel Shotgun: 300 fps Hudson Metal Double Barrel Mad Max Sawed-Off Gas Shotgun CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to load. Excellent design. Trigger pull is excellent. Durable shooting. Weight is decent for most users. Cons None available. What Recent Buyers Report As expected, a lot of recent buyers were impressed with this airsoft shotgun. They were happy with the fact that they could shoot two rounds in one go. One user said that it was his best airsoft gun that he could use for target shooting. After firing off a few test shots, he noticed that the shooting groups are quite tight and rival that of some of his other airsoft guns. Why it Stands Out to Us This shotgun is a double-barreled airsoft that is powerful and can be best used for both target shooting and varmint hunting. No matter how you use it, you’ll know right away that you’re using the right kind of shotgun. It’s got that classic shotgun look, reminiscent of the time when you had a toy gun of your own. For the kids, it’s a starter airsoft shotgun that can be used religiously and create a lot of memories. Who Will Use This Most This will be used across many applications by users of most ages. If you want an airsoft shotgun that will work for just about any purpose and is reliable with no jamming or malfunctions to speak of, look no farther. The Hudson will give you the perks of how an airsoft shotgun should work. What Could Be Improved and Why While there are no major cons to point out, we can mention a suggestion. A nice sling should be included with this double-barrel shotgun. If you plan on using it for varmint hunting or target shooting and need to use your hands for something else, a good sling will allow you to carry your shotgun over your shoulder while you’re digging for more rounds or you need another accessory for your personal use. Bottom Line The Hudson airsoft shotgun has proven itself to be one of the best double-barrel airsoft shotguns in the business. If you want something that offers double the shooting power and double the fun, then you’re going to have a great time with this airsoft shotgun. Best Shell Ejecting Airsoft Shotgun: Evike APS CAM870 MKII Shotgun CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Velocity is excellent. Excellent shooting ability. Accurate across many ranges. Great for general purpose applications. Durable construction all over; able to take on all kinds of impact and abuse. Cons None available. What Recent Buyers Report A lot of recent buyers were satisfied with this shotgun for various reasons. One of them was the durability of the shotgun itself. It can handle a lot of bumps and bangs like nothing else. Other than that, you have some pretty good firing power (even when you’re firing two rounds at the same time). Why it Stands Out to Us This airsoft shotgun is among one of the few that can fire multiple shots in one. Even better, it makes your hit probability even greater, regardless of the application that it's used for. Depending on how far away the targets are, your shots will be closer together and accuracy will be much better compared to some other shotguns. Who Will Use This Most Expect this to be used by beginner-level airsoft users. This will make a great starter shotgun for kids of various ages and even adults. Regardless, they’ll get a good deal of fun out of shooting an airsoft shotgun that packs a pretty good punch. What Could Be Improved and Why This shotgun has no major cons to point out. So once again, we can offer suggestions. For this shotgun, why not throw in some bonus ammunition, so that you can have more shots at your disposal. Especially when you want to have all kinds of fun using a shotgun like this, the more shots you got, the better. Bottom Line The Evike APS Shell Ejecting Tactical Pump Action Shotgun will be worth using if you want something that will stand out as one of the best general-purpose airsoft shotguns out there. If you want hours of fun (depending on how many rounds you’ve got), this is the one to go with. Best Underbarrel Shotgun and Best Mossberg M590 Airsoft Shotgun: "Mossberg M590 Chainsaw" CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Durable construction. Provides hours of fun. Easier and faster to reload. Great for paintballing purposes. Accurate across many distances. Cons Some misfirings may also occur. Quality is suspect for some users. May be difficult to reload at times. What Recent Buyers Report This shotgun was a hit among many beginner-level paintballers. They were looking for a starter shotgun that would accept many paintball rounds. Sure enough, they got their wish. They were able to hit their targets accurately from various distances and were quite impressed with the velocity. One user said he calls it his new go-to paintballing rifle. Why it Stands Out to Us This airsoft shotgun is a version of one of the most reliable shotguns in the world, the Mossberg 590. No doubt about it, the reliability is replicated in this airsoft, which can provide all kinds of shooting power when you’re in the heat of friendly competition. Plus, the velocity is just enough to give you a chance to quickly fire off any shots and hit your targets in a matter of seconds. Who Will Use This Most This will be used by paintballers of many persuasions and skill levels, especially if you’re a rookie paintballer. No matter what your skill level is, you have a shotgun that will give you a great deal of firepower and all kinds of fun when you’re using it for target shooting or competition. What Could Be Improved and Why This could improve in some ways. To begin with, the durability should be a little better. That would mean manufacturing the rifle using a much tougher and more heavy-duty plastic. You’ll be using it in an activity where bumping and banging is usually the norm. Bottom Line The Mossberg M590 is the closest thing you can get to one of the most reliable shotguns in the world. In an airsoft shotgun, that reliability carries over. If you want something that will give you an edge on the competition and will rarely jam on you, this is the shotgun you’ll want. Best "Co2 Airsoft Shotgun" : Evike FABARM STF12 CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Super durable. Shooting ability is excellent. Excellent for recreational purposes. Compatible with Marui style rounds. Super accurate across many distances. Cons May jam at times. Some misfirings may occur. May be hard to cock the gun at times. What Recent Buyers Report Most recent buyers found this to be an impressive shotgun to use. They used it for target shooting and competition. They were able to get their shots off quickly and were able to have all kinds of fun with it. One user said that he was able to hit his targets (both moving and stationary) rather quickly compared to other airsoft guns in the past. Why it Stands Out to Us Typically, a lot of airsoft guns for paintballing are often powered by Co2 cartridges. This stands out as one of the best of its class because it cannot leak on you (and therefore lead to dry firing). Aside from that, it provides powerful and accurate firing that will give you an even better edge on the competition. Who Will Use This Most Expect this to be a heavy favorite among beginner-level paintballers. Even some seasoned vets will find this useful for competition or target shooting purposes. If you’re looking for a Co2 shotgun that can be your best friend in the field of competition or at a makeshift shooting range, this is the one you’ll want to rely on. What Could Be Improved and Why Make sure that the Co2 cartridges are tightened enough to ensure that you don’t face any misfiring issues. Plus, a leaking Co2 cartridge can also lead to reliability issues. The manufacturer needs to make sure of this before these shotguns ever hit the shelves. Bottom Line If you’re a fan of Co2 airsoft guns, then you’ll love the Evike Pump Action Tri-Shot Airsoft Shotgun. This will be the one shotgun you’ll never want to put down after you’ve spent time firing off as many paintballs as possible. Whether you're firing at moving targets or paper targets, this is an excellent airsoft shotgun that will be reliable for years to come. Why Should I Get a New Airsoft Shotgun? There are a few reasons why you should get a new airsoft shotgun. You’d be surprised what you’ll get out of one should you choose to invest one for yourself. Here are a few reasons why you’ll need one: Works For Animal Control Varmints can be a problem. They will dig through your property and leave a good amount of damage. Some of them will go so far to chew up any outdoor wiring or even dig through your garbage. Airsoft guns will provide you a solution that will be a better alternative than live rounds, especially when you’re living in a suburban neighborhood. Hours of Fun No matter if you’re using it for paintballing or varmint control, if you got all kinds of rounds and plenty of targets then you’ll know that the fun will never stop. Just be sure to practice appropriate gun safety measures. Excellent For All Ages While some airsoft guns may not be suitable for younger children due to the amount of power they contain, these airsoft shotguns are by far one of the safest airsoft guns that can be used. This will also give kids a starting point on how they can properly use a real firearm once they get older. These shotguns will make a great training tool for them. Conclusion Once you find an airsoft shotgun that you like, you’ll know that it will be something that you’ll never get tired of using. No matter if you’re using it for recreational purposes or keeping the varmint nemesis at bay, you’ll have something reliable, accurate, and able to get the job done when you want it to.

Kopin Corps PATS System

Kopin Corps PATS System

Back in 2014 I broke this technology after stumbling across slides on google images. I think I may have angered Trijicon though since I don’t think they wanted to share. Well, let that be a lesson to anyone running a server to prevent crawling of the site! Since then, I decided to do a little checking to see where this project ended up. Welp, here is a live unit!  Whats unique about the PATS system is that it is a pass through overlay, meaning if the system goes dead, your ACOG still functions just as it did and it looks past the overlay and downrange just like it did before. Sweet tech! The PATS unit is a fully integrated fire control system that converts most fielded optical sights into smart, lethal targeting systems,” stated Michael Presz, Kopin’s Vice President of Government Programs and Special Projects. “Incorporating a state-of-the art Laser Range Finder, Ballistic Calculator and Overlay Display, our PATS unit increases the accuracy of shooters using most fixed or variable magnification weapon sights. The unit simply clips on in front of the existing weapon sight and provides a precision ballistic solution which is day/night readable. PATS allows the government to greatly improve the performance of its existing inventory of fielded weapon sights by reducing engagement times and improving the probability of hits at ranges out to 600 meters While I wish we could get our hands on this device, sadly… it may just be relegated to the dustbin of cool toys we want but they wont sell us… Kopin needs a big army contract to pull this out of the coulda been pile. It looks like it was helped along with Bryan Litz ballistic expertise… Time will tell if this goes anywhere. Share: Google Twitter Facebook Pinterest Reddit More Tumblr LinkedIn Pocket Email Print

Best Deer Hunting Rifle [Ruger American Review 2020]

LAST UPDATED: June 26th 2020 GUIDE: Chris Browning Maybe you’re looking at buying a Ruger American semi-automatic pistol. Like me, you might have searched their website and… whoa! There are more than a dozen to choose from . What’s the difference between them? And how can you make up your mind? You should consider what you want to do with your Ruger. Are you after an on-duty weapon for law enforcement or security? Or do you plan to carry it concealed for self-defense? The Ruger American offers numerous benefits for either of those applications. This includes LoMount Carry three-dot sights, extended magazines, and recoil-reducing barrel. 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If you want to know more about ammunition calibers, visit our bullets guide. Some of these differences are in magazine capacity; Model 8618 holds only 10 rounds, while the 8605 has a 17-round magazine. This may not seem like a big deal if you’re carrying for self-defense, but for law enforcement, 17 rounds sound pretty good. Some models, like the 8637, have shorter barrels. This might be a good option for concealed carry or even as a concealed backup. The shorter barreled pistols have a smaller magazine capacity, making them easier to conceal. All models of the Ruger American come with a Picatinny accessory rail on the underside of the frame. This enables you to add features like a laser sight or flashlight. There are holsters available that would enable you to carry the firearm with the accessories, but you’d have to check to make sure they would fit your Ruger and light combo. Features of The Ruger American Product Specs Manufacturer: Ruger Type: Handgun Caliber: 9mm / .45 ACP Product Features Modular grip system Ambidextrous slide and magazine release Small (9mm only), medium, and large grip modules Click Here for Price All models of the American come with the same features, though some are 9mm and others are .45 ACP. They also vary in magazine capacity. Let’s discuss the main features before we move on to the specific models. The Ruger American has… Trigger with short takeup and positive reset. Recoil-reducing barrel Tested for extended +P ammunition use NovakⓇ LoMount Carry 3-dot sights; interchangeable sights Modular grip system Easy no-tool or trigger pull breakdown Ambidextrous slide and magazine release 2 magazines Small (9mm only), medium, and large grip modules Powerful striker spring to lighten trigger pull Picatinny accessory rail Visual loaded/empty chamber indicator Trigger safety NovakⓇ LoMount 3-dot Sights NovakⓇ 3-dot sights are premium, user-friendly sights that won’t snag on clothing or holsters. They’re designed for quick front sight acquisition for fast and accurate shots. These sights are finished with black nitride for ultimate sleekness. The white dots provide a high level of contrast. Modular Grip System Each Ruger American comes with an interchangeable modular grip system. 9mm firearms will come with small, medium, and large grip modules, making it easy to customize the grip. .45 caliber handguns come with the medium and large grips. The grips are easy to remove and replace. Ambidextrous Slide and Magazine Release Lefties have a difficult time in the right-handed world, but the Ruger American answers their challenge. Both the magazine and the slide stop (release) appear on both sides of the firearm. For those who shoot left-handed, this is a definite plus! Picatinny Rail All Ruger American models come with a frame-molded Picatinny rail. It’s easy to slide on flashlights, laser sights ( like this one ), or infrared illuminators. Recently, manufacturers have begun developing holsters that accommodate both gun and accessories. But, when you order one, make sure to find out if it will fit your firearm and accessory setup. Safety Features Ruger American Pro models don’t come with a manual safety, but those that do offer an ambidextrous safety. All models have an internal automatic sear block system and don’t require a trigger pull to complete the firearm breakdown process. All models do come with the trigger safety. "Ruger American Models" (Full List) Now we’ll talk about each model of Ruger American. 8605: this is Pro model is a 9mm, 17-round capacity handgun with a 4-inch barrel; no manual safety 8607: also 9mm, this carries 10 rounds and has a 4-inch barrel, but it doesn’t have a manual safety 8608: this 17-round 9mm does include a manual safety and has a 4-inch barrel 8615: a .45 auto Pro model with a 10-round capacity and a 4.5-inch barrel, it does not have a manual safety 8618: also a .45 auto, this 10-round pistol has a 3.5-inch barrel and manual safety 8633: this 10-round 9mm compact pistol has a manual safety and 3.5-inch barrel 8635: a Pro model 9mm, this 3.5-inch, 17-round pistol doesn’t have a manual safety 8637: this 10-round 9mm has a 4-inch barrel and does not have a manual safety 8638: holds 10 rounds, this 9mm has a 4-inch barrel and manual safety 8639: this is a 17-round 9mm with a 3.5-inch barrel and a manual safety 8645: this new .45 auto Pro 10-round  model has a 3.75-inch barrel, but no manual safety 8648: also new, this .45 auto 10-round has a manual safety and a 3.75-inch barrel 8661: a new 10-round 9mm with a 4-inch barrel and manual safety 8663: this new 9mm has a 10-round capacity, manual safety, and a 3.55-inch barrel 8680: a new 10-round .45, this pistol has a 4.5-inch barrel and a manual safety 8660: also new, this 17-round 9mm Pro model has a 4-inch barrel but no manual safety, and it’s a TALO Distributor Exclusive firearm. Another unique feature is the brown-colored slide. You can see the wide variety of options available in the Ruger American. Different styles, magazine capacity, caliber, and barrel sizes means there’s likely one that’s a perfect fit for you. Keep in mind, the Pro models do not come with the manual safety. Alternatives to the Ruger American In case you’d like to check out some guns that are like the American, we’ll give you a couple options for comparison. Both are in the same price range but offer different options. 1. Glock 21 The Glock 21 is a .45 caliber handgun with a 4.5-inch barrel and it’s widely used by law enforcement and military personnel. The 21 has either a 10- or 13-round capacity and it’s about the same in cost as the Ruger American. 2. Glock 17 The Glock 17 is the 9mm option with a 17-round capacity. It has a 4.5-inch barrel and a trigger safety. (Though when it comes down to it, I prefer the G19 for EDC). 3. Springfield XD The Springfield XD comes in both a 3-inch sub-compact and a 4-inch service model. It features the Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System™ and has a grip safety in addition to a trigger safety. They’re priced about the same as a Glock. If you’re a beginner with gun carrying and shooting, here are some other good choices . Final Thoughts on the American You can see the Ruger American has numerous options and upgrades to choose from. They’re available in 9mm or .45 auto have varying barrel sizes to accommodate most shooters. The American comes with NovakⓇ LoMount 3-dot sights, with or without a manual safety, and two magazines, no matter if you choose the 10- or 13-round model. No matter if you’re a self-defense or law enforcement carrier, the Ruger American might be an excellent choice for you. It’s easy to disassemble whether in the field or at home because it doesn’t require any special tools. It also offers a recoil-reducing barrel, which makes shooting and then reacquiring the target quick and efficient. Related Reads: Ruger 10/22 Scope Best Ruger Mark III Holsters Top Five Holsters For Ruger LCR Ruger LCR Pocket Holsters Pocket Holsters For Ruger LC9S Holsters For Ruger LC9 Best SOB And OWB Holsters For The Ruger 9E Best Cross Draw Holster For Ruger 22/45 Best Holsters For Ruger P89 Leather Holster For Ruger Alaskan 5/5 (1 Review) 1 COMMENT Henry August 26, 2018 at 10:24 am Thank you for the review and the particulars of the American Pistol. I’ve been trying to decide on this pistol or the Ruger SR9c. My American choice would be model 8639. Both pistols have many of the same features but the American will shoot +P Ammo while the SR9c can’t. Again, thank you for the in-site Reply LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply

10 Best Hunting Scopes 2020

If you are a hunter, you know the meaning of a good scope. A high-quality scope that gives you a clear picture of your target has the right amount of amplification, and that won’t fail in any kind of weather is the difference between a fully stocked freezer and buying all your meat from the butcher. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best hunting scope for your needs, give you an idea of how much they’ll cost, and provide you with some useful shopping tips that will help you choose. You’ll leave more informed and more prepared to tackle your next hunting adventure, armed with the knowledge you need to connect with your target. Top 10 Hunting Scopes Ultimate Table Picture Name Scope Weight Price Rating (1-5) Picture Name Scope Weight Price Rating (1-5) 1. Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9x40 AO Matte Precision Reticle, Black 15.7 ounces $$$ 4.8 2. Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40 BDC 1.4 pounds $$$ 4.7 3. Leupold VX-1 3-9x40 Waterproof Riflescope, Matte Black, Duplex Reticle 113874 11.2 ounces $$$$ 4.7 4. Nikon 8496 P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine 12.2 ounces $$$ 4.7 5. Nikon P-223 3-9x40 Mate BDC 600 15 ounces $$$$ 4.7 6. Nikon P-300 BDC SuperSub Reticle Riflescope, Black, 2-7x32 1 pound $ 4.6 7. Bushnell Trophy XLT Multi-X Reticle Riflescope Bone Collector Edition, 3-9x 40mm 13 ounces $$ 4.6 8. Primary Arms 1-6 X 24mm Hunting Scope w/ ACSS BDC Reticle Gen II PAPS1-6X 15 ounces $ 4.6 9. Bushnell Optics Drop Zone 223 BDC Reticle Riflescope with Target Turrets and Side Parallax 1.3 pounds $$$ 4.5 10. Simmons 8-Point Truplex Reticle Riflescope, 3-9x50mm 10.1 ounces $ 4.3 Buying Information Just as when you are purchasing any new hunting gear, there are a few things that you need to consider. Habitat. What is the best hunting scope for different habitats? Will you be in the frozen tundra of Alaska or the scalding desert of Southern Texas? Knowing what kinds of weather you may face should factor into your scope choice. Distance. What is the right scope for based on the shooting distance? If you go hunting out in the open, you’ll want a scope that can shoot out to 500 yards and beyond. If you’re hunting in an area of dense trees, you’ll want a scope with a quick sight picture, but limited zooming capabilities to help you take a quick and accurate shot if you jump game from close quarters. Features. Finally, what kinds of features do you want your scope to have in place to help you make an accurate shot? The best hunting scope features can range from the basics (one set of crosshairs) to the extreme (laser dot crosshairs with built in range finder and range delineations). You should be aware of what you really need for a successful hunt and what an unnecessary feature for your purchase is. Top 3 Best Hunting Scope Reviews 1. "Nikon Prostaff Target" EFR 3-9×40 Of the different scopes that were looked at, this one provides the best value for the customer based on price and performance. It has quick site picture, accurate tuning system, and Nikon’s world-class optics glass set this one apart from other scopes that they have tried. The scope was also found to resist hot and cold temperatures very well. Many find that it doesn’t fog up when moving from a warm car or blind to frigid outside air and we must say that we agree after trying it. It was also given high marks for durability. While its weight has it in the middle of the pack of scopes that were screened, its users did not feel that it was too heavy to lug around all day in the field but was also not so light that they worried about its durability. Summary: This was the most expensive scope screened, and as such, it earned high marks for reliability, durability, and quality. Even though it was the highest priced scope reviewed, it still was relatively inexpensive. This combination of quality and affordability make it our claim for best hunting scope. 2. Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9×40 BDC This scope is by far the cheapest scope we reviewed. Though its price tag was a pleasant surprise, so was its performance. It would probably be a good scope for beginners since it does not have much in the way of extra features. What it does have, however, is a rugged design meant to make it accurate and easy to use. The biggest drawback for this scope is its weight. It comes in at a whopping (in the scope world) 1.4 pounds. That makes it 5 ounces heavier than our top ranked scope. For some hunters, especially those who move a lot during the day, this weight could be seen as a burden; however, if you are a stand hunter that worries about durability, this will be a welcome feature. Summary: While this is the cheapest of the three scopes reviewed here, it very nearly takes the title for best hunting scope . It has been shown that it has a good combination of innovative features while maintaining a no frill approach. This combination, along with Nikon’s trusted quality and durability, make this scope a great value. 3. Leupold VX-1 3-9×40 Waterproof Riflescope This scope has some features that may lure in some hunters. First of all, it has an easily adjustable zeroing in feature that can be turned with your finger; this is a big advantage over other scopes that require some type of tool to turn their adjustment knobs. Secondly, it claims to be waterproof and fog proof for the life of the scope. If you are planning on hunting in some unsavory conditions, this may be a good choice for you. Lastly, of the three scopes reviewed it is the lightest. While we are only talking a few ounces of difference here, that might make all the difference in getting to that far away spot to bag your trophy animal. The only possible con for this scope is its weight. While the lightweight might make it easier to carry for a longer period, it is also more likely to be less durable. It might lose it’s zero faster if knocked or dinged than the other two scopes reviewed here. Summary: This scope has some great features, like easily adjustable knobs, light weight, and it is waterproof and fog proof. Its light weight may also mean that it is less durable than some other scopes.


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